About company

SAVE ENERGY - SAVE LIFE!". This motto we have chosen for the Ukrainian brand "SAVEENERGY", under which the available solutions for the efficient use of resources. Translated literally, it means "to save resources - to preserve life for future generations."

Who are we and why this was done? We - a team of like-minded people who have worked for more than 15 years in the supply of electronic components and electronics contract manufacturing, has decided to create its own product that will solve the issues of global price increase and disappearance of energy resources. With our designes, talent and potential we have dream to share features like LED-lighting, the SMART control system, smart home and IoT things.

Of course, the main potential for any company - people. And we want to gather experts and young minds, which is just as important to the future generations to live in a clean and beautiful country, so that our children have the opportunity to enjoy the clean sky and to breathe clean air. To this end, we are working for this and are developing devices that help people to do it beautifully, quickly and conveniently.

Successful implementation of the project to cover the dental clinic
16 October 2017

It was very pleasant and interesting to participate in the implementation of the project to create a dental clinic Panacea. There is also LED lighting, and fixtures and professional dental lighting. We want to wish the clinic only success and professional growth.

Successful completion of the test LED panel
8 July 2016

July 8, 2017 in the laboratory of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine was isledovanno LED panel "SAVEENERGY" for compliance with the lighting parameters



Implementation street LED lighting
24 June 2016

June 25, 2016 the project for street lighting LED lights 40W power has been successfully implemented.



The successful implementation of LED lighting in the office building
21 April 2016

Our company has completed a project to introduce LED lighting in the office building with total area of 110 sq.m.
It was found 18 pcs LED-lamps power of 32 watts. Total power consumption is 576 watts / hour. For example, for the same coverage would take 24 pieces of raster fixtures with fluorescent tubes with a total capacity - 1728 watts / hour.
The achieved effect - reduction of electricity consumption by up to 3 times.
In addition, the reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 15 tonnes for the entire service life of LED-lamps.

Registration brand "SAVEENERGY"
20 April 2016

April 20, 2016 the world saw a Ukrainian brand "SAVEENERGY"

Foundation of the company
1 December 2015

In early December 2015 it was decided to create a company "SMART ELECTRONIC" LLC. The main objective of the company was to provide quality Ukrainian market for contract manufacturing of electronic devices through direct supplies of electronic components and circuit boards.